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    Russian Lieutenant Colonel: “We have already lost this war”

    “I think we have already lost this war,” Russian pilot Lieutenant Colonel Maksim Krischtop, who was captured by the Ukrainians, said at a press conference in Kyiv. He added that he had flown three flights to Ukraine, including dropping bombs on residential buildings.

    The officer reported that his third flight to Ukraine took place on March 6. He had four tons of aerial bombs on board.


    “During my combat assignment, I realized that the target was not military facilities of the enemy, but houses and civilians, but I obeyed the criminal order. After the bombing, I was shot down by the air defence of Ukraine and taken prisoner by the National Guard of Ukraine,” he said at a conference at the headquarters of the agency Interfax Ukraine.


    Krishtop appealed to the Russian soldiers not to follow the orders of their commanders, not to wage war and to stop bombing Ukrainian cities.


    “I think we’ve already lost this war,” he said. He also asked the Ukrainian people for forgiveness.


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