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    Zelensky: “The morning of February 24th was a terrible one for Ukraine” [VIDEO]

    “Together we can do anything. It is a historical mission of Poland and Ukraine to bring Europe out of the abyss and the threat,” the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky said via videoconference from Kyiv, during the National Assembly of the Republic of Poland. He was greeted with standing ovations.

    During the National Assembly, the deputies and senators as well as the Polish President Andrzej Duda listened to the speech of the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who joined the participants of the Assembly.


    “When I became president in 2019, it felt like we had to go a long way with Poland because our relations were cold. It was just like that. But I wanted to change it. I knew we were naturally close, Ukrainians and Poles,” started Zelensky.

    “I remember my first meetings with Andrzej Duda. From one meeting to the next, this cold disappeared. We understood each other as friends, as Europeans,” he added.

    “If there’s someone who can beat like a beast, you need someone you can rely on. If someone attacks your house, they’ll help you. In the morning of February 24th, I had no doubt who that person would be. I’m grateful for that. Polish brothers and sisters are with us,” stressed the Ukrainian President.

    “There are no boundaries between us. Physical, historical. Ukrainian pride and Polish honour, Ukrainian boldness and Polish sincerity support each other. There is peace between our people. I wish our common neighbours, the Belarusians, would feel those words. We should also be brothers with you, and of course, we shall achieve that,” said Zelensky.


    The President of Ukraine recalled the memorable words of President Lech Kaczyński, spoken in 2008 in Tbilisi: “Today Georgia, tomorrow Ukraine, the day after tomorrow the Baltics, and then perhaps, the time will come for my country, Poland.”


    On 24 February, it was a terrible morning for Ukraine, of which President Kaczynski spoke. 


    “Today we are fighting to prevent such a terrible time for the Baltic States and Poland,” said Zelensky.


    The Ukrainian President said that his people were fighting, among other things, to prevent the bad times for Poland and the Baltic States.


    “We fight together because we are strong. Together, we can do anything. It is the historic mission of Poland and Ukraine to lead, to be together, to pull Europe out of the abyss and the threat,” said Zelensky.

    “We remember the tragedy of Smolensk. We remember how the circumstances of this disaster were investigated. We know what this has meant for you,” said Zelensky, adding, that “we have created an extraordinary alliance that springs from the warmth of our hearts.”

    “The way you accepted our people. You saved them from evil. You took them into families with Polish delicacy. You’re doing it with a good heart. I’ll just say it: my dear friend Andrzej, dear Agatha. We have united in the words of the great Pope John Paul II, that together we will win and create freedom. I am confident that, together with you, we will create freedom. I am grateful for the help we have received from your country and your people (…) Let us win, Dear Lord. Long live free Poland. Long live free Ukraine,” he concluded.


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