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    Will Lukashenko attack Ukraine today?

    According to the Ukrainian military and government officials, Belarus is preparing to invade Ukraine by 9 p.m. Kyiv time (8 p. m. Polish time) on 11 March – reported the portal Ukrainska Pravda, citing anonymous sources.

    The Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security at the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine has also published this information on its Facebook profile.


    “According to preliminary data, Belarusian troops may be mobilised in the invasion at 21:00 on March 11,” we read in an entry on Facebook.


    What is more, according to Ukrainian intelligence, Alexander Lukashenko, the self-proclaimed President of Belarus, and the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin made a phone call while Lukashenko was in Moscow. 


    Earlier, the Supreme Command of the Ukrainian Air Force had reported that Russian planes had shot at a Belarusian town on the Ukrainian border. It was seen as a provocation to involve the Belarusian armed forces in a war against Ukraine.

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