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    Open Hearts, Open Wardrobes charity collection

    Open Hearts, Open Wardrobes is a charity collection of clothes and shoes for refugees from Ukraine. WoshWosh is an organization mostly dedicated to cleaning, repairing and reforming shoes, but they often collect clothes as well. Recently they decided to use their platform to gather clothing for Ukrainian refugees.

    WoshWosh is a shoe-repair company whose mission is to prolong shoes’ utilisation. Since shoes decompose for about 50 years, they want to convince people to renew shoes instead of excessively buying new pairs. They offer services for individual users and businesses in hundreds of locations in Poland.

    Now, in those locals and shops collaborating with WoshWosh (mostly Reserved, Mohito and Eobuwie. pl) volunteers can donate clothes and shoes for people of all ages and genders. Those items must be still in good condition. Organizers do not accept swimsuits, high heels used underwear and clothes that are dirty or incomplete.

    The action lasts from March 14th until March 28th. The full list of donation places is listed on woshwosh’s Instagram in a highlight titled “zbiórka dla UA” (eng: benefit for UA).



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