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    Polish athletes with support for war refugees [VIDEO]

    A video of Polish and foreign athletes speaking words of support to the people of Ukraine appeared on Lotto’s social media. The video features i.e., Robert Lewandowski, Jakub Rzeźniczak and Patrycja Maliszewska.

    “Ukrainians, we are with you in thoughts. Remember that you can count on us”, says Andrzej Bargiel at the beginning of the recording.


    “Every nation deserves to be independent”, says Katharina Zillmann.


    “We are with you brothers and sisters from Ukraine” – Łukasz Koszarek convinces.


    The recording ends with Robert Lewandowski. “You are not alone”, the footballer assures.



    In the video, you can also see foreign athletes competing in Poland. They are Erik Exposito – a Spanish footballer from the Śląsk Wrocław team and the speedway rider Anders Thomsen.

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