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    A preeminent Polish cardiac surgeon is dead. The professor was 72 years old

    Professor Marian Zembala has died – Health Minister Adam Niedzielski said on Twitter on Saturday. He was 72 years old. He was a prominent cardiac surgeon and former Minister of Health.

    “I received the tragic news of the death of Professor Marian Zembala. Mr Professor, we will always remember you,” – the head of the health department tweeted on Saturday.


    Professor Marian Zembala was 72 years old. He was a preeminent cardiac surgeon. For many years, he filled an office as the Head of the Silesian Centre for Heart Disease in Zabrze. In 1997 he performed the first lung transplant in Poland. In 2001, he performed a lung and heart transplant, also for the first time in Poland. In 2015, he was Minister of Health. He lived in Tarnowskie Góry.


    In 2012, he received the Pontifical Medal Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice – For the Church and the Pope. This is one of the most important awards that the papal ministry bestows upon the laity.


    “This medal is a bow to all those who serve their neighbour. I’m just one of many. Serving one’s neighbour means serving God, and there is no need to be ashamed of it. And serving one’s neighbour – not only in medicine but in every activity – is expediency,” the cardiac surgeon said, stressing that Christian values underlies current Europe – with its open borders, the possibility of collaboration and the strong support and development of the country through EU funds.


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