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    Ukrainian babushka poisoned eight Russian soldiers with pies [VIDEO]

    Eight Russian soldiers died in Ukraine after eating pies brought by a local elderly woman, according to a video of the Russian soldier’s conversation with the girl, published on Telegram by the advisor of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Herashchenko.

    The video shows a Russian soldier complaining to a girl that the army is hungry. – We have nothing to eat here. We stole a duck yesterday! If it works, we’ll rob stores, take cigarettes, food. Because we have nothing, you know? We’re starving! – he says.

    The girl replies that Russian TV shows that the food is brought by Ukrainians to the Russian soldiers, and the grandmothers thank them with tears in their eyes for coming.

    – Sure! Once a grandmother fed us with pies, and eight boys drove home in zinc coffins, the soldier replies. – What do you mean, what did she feed them? – asks the girl. – With poison! – the soldier answers.

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