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    Meeting with Ambassador Andrii Deshchytsia. “An unfreezing of EU funds for Poland will also help Ukraine”

    “These days very important meetings are being held: EU Summit, NATO Summit, visit of the US President. We hope that the European and Atlantic countries will be as tough and effective as the Polish ones. Poland can be a model for these countries”, said Andrii Deshchytsia, Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland, at a meeting organised by the clubs of “Gazeta Polska.” Tomasz Sakiewicz quoted the diplomat and also called for “the unfreezing of EU funds for Poland, as they will also help Ukraine.”

    Today, Andrii Deshchytsia, Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland, was the guest of a meeting organised by the Warsaw Clubs of “Gazeta Polska.”


    During the meeting, Tomasz Sakiewicz, editor-in-chief of the “GP”, recalled the recent demonstrations organized by the club community – against Putin’s terror against the civilian population and for a decisive response from Berlin.


    “The clubs started from the first day, from 6 am actions against the war and support for Ukraine. That day we held a rally in front of the Russian Embassy. (…) Later we organized two marches. Yesterday there was a protest in front of the German embassy, which had great publicity. There are almost 500 clubs – almost 400 in Poland and more than 100 in the world. “Everyone is taking part in the action”, he stressed.


    He also mentioned the relief efforts of the clubs for Ukrainian refugees.


    “Each club means one or more relief operations,” – stated Sakiewicz.


    The Minister for Family and Social Policy, Marlena Maląg, presented the aid measures of the Polish State.


    “Since the first day of this tragic history, when Ukraine was attacked by Russia, Poland has opened its borders, its hearts, we have opened our homes, above all to help, to support. Since the first days, the Government has taken steps to ensure a coordinated, rapid, efficient and appropriate process. And as Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said, we will take in as many war refugees as necessary. We don’t leave our friends behind,” said the minister.


    “We as a government have prepared reinforcements, security. We must be prepared for Ukrainian citizens to stay with us for as long as necessary. We have simplified the procedures”, she added.


    Maląg acknowledged that Poland was a hub for humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine.


    As the minister reported, 11 thousand Ukrainian women have already taken up work in Poland. 


    “Thank you for all the initiatives of “Gazeta Polska.” For every action. For the demonstrations and our resistance. (…) We pass the test of humanity. Ukraine fights for its freedom also for our freedom,” said Marlena Maląg


    Andrii Deshchytsia thanked both the Poles, the Polish government and the “Gazeta Polska.”


    “We are aware of this help from real partners, brothers and real neighbours,” he said.


    He recalled that Ukraine has been defending itself for a month and the invaders are increasingly attacking the civilian population.


    “We face a great challenge to end and win this war with united forces. These days very important meetings are taking place: EU summit, NATO summit, visit of the US President to Poland. We hope that the European and Atlantic countries will be as tough and effective as the Polish ones. Poland can be a model for these countries,” said the Ukrainian ambassador to Poland.


    Andrii Deshchytsia admitted that they were “optimistic” and “waiting for NATO’s decisions.”


    “If the mission of which Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczynski spoke in Kyiv cannot be carried out, a peaceful but military mission led by NATO, then we will pursue another scenario. We are only considering the participation in this mission of those countries that are not afraid to face Russia and are not afraid to fight with arms against Russia,” he added.


    He stressed that security was the top priority.


    The Ambassador pointed out that both the citizens of Ukraine and those who have fled the war need help. He also spoke briefly about what help his compatriots needed the most.


    “Concerning Ukraine’s needs, the supply of food and medicine is necessary. We focus on products that last longer because there are problems transporting them to the regions,” said Andrij rainfall. He thanked Minister Marlena Maląg for her support. 


    He drew attention to the need to look after Ukrainian children.


    “70% of children leaving Ukraine remain in Poland. We need to think about what the future of these children should look like”, said Andrii Deshchytsia. He also stressed that there are problems with living in big cities, but also with working in larger centres, where Ukrainians tend to come.


    As shown, the Ukrainian governments are also trying to influence the conscience of European Union officials.


    “We are helping to release the reconstruction fund of 180 billion euros. I hope the money will be unlocked,” said Deshchytsia.


    “A very important statement of Ukrainian Ambassador Andrii Deshchytsia about the GP meeting in Warsaw: They are asking the EU to unfreeze the funds for Poland because they will also help Ukraine, Tomasz Sakiewicz wrote on Twitter.



    “I thank the government, but also the editor of Gazeta Polska and the clubs of Gazeta Polska for their activity. This means putting pressure on countries and governments to take the right side in this conflict, the side of the good,” Andrii Deshchytsia added.


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