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    The return of Sergey Shoigu

    The “Ukrayinska Pravda” wrote last week, citing Russian media reports about alleged health problems of the head of the Russian Ministry of Defense. According to reports, it was heart disease. It was also pointed out that Schoigu last appeared publicly on 11 March.

    On 25 March, the adviser to Ukrainian Interior Minister Anton Herashchenko reported that the Russian Minister had a myocardial infarct. He added that Schoigu couldn’t handle Putin’s accusations. The Russian President blamed him for the failed invasion of Ukraine.


    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov referred to the case. He denied that the head of the Russian Ministry of Defense had health problems. 


    “The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu has other obligations because of the situation in Ukraine. Now is not the time for media activities,” he said.


    The TASS agency quoted the words of the head of the Russian Ministry of Defence on Tuesday about a “special military operation”, as Moscow calls the invasion of Ukraine. 


    “The Russian armed forces will continue the special military operation until the goals set are achieved,” Shoigu said at a conference call on Tuesday (March 29).


    He convinced that Russian soldiers during the special operation “actively help the population of the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republic (LPR and DPR) and Ukraine to establish a peaceful life.” 


    “We actively provide humanitarian assistance to the population of the LPR, DPR, and, of course, Ukraine. We have already carried out 684 humanitarian actions. 6,079 tonnes of cargo have been delivered to 210 settlements,” Shoigu said.


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