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    Murder of a journalist in Silesian Park. New facts on the murder case

    A 37-year-old man was arrested in connection with the investigation of the murder of a journalist in the Silesian Park in Chorzów. He heard the accusation of having helped the still wanted perpetrator of this crime to find a woman with whom the journalist was. A tracker was found in the woman’s car.

    After the whole of Poland heard of the crime, the woman’s husband disappeared. The prosecutor’s office does not suggest that he might be the perpetrator, as no charges have been brought against him.


    During the night of Saturday to Sunday, the police were informed of the death of a man who died despite being resuscitated. Despite the rescue of the Katowice ambulance, the man died from numerous stab wounds. According to the Polish Press Agency, it was a 30-year-old journalist who worked with a Silesian editorial office. We read in the findings that the man had been attacked in the Silesian Park half an hour earlier. The perpetrator sneaked into a car parked near the stadium and attacked the man who was in the car with a young woman. After the attack, she took him to the hospital.


    Cezary Golik, the District Attorney in Chorzów, told journalists today that the detainee had heard allegations of aiding and abetting the “tracking device” installed in the woman’s car. He was supposed to buy a SIM card that was in the tracking device, registered it in his name, and handed it over to the perpetrator.


    The 37-year-old might face a prison sentence of up to two years. He was not arrested, but he is under police surveillance.


    The D.A. explained that the tracking device had been mounted on the outside of the car in which the woman was travelling. She has driven with it for about three days. “This device, which tracked the vehicle, transmitted the information via GSM telephone to the recipient of the information,” the prosecutor explained.


    “This finding undoubtedly brings us closer to the perpetrator, the man is being typed. At this point, the accusation has not yet been formally formulated, so I cannot reveal his identity,” said D.A. Cezary Golik. He confirmed that the arrested 37-year-old was an acquaintance of a man called the perpetrator of the crime and is likely to be a suspect soon.


    The D.A. office does not report that the 37-year-old is a friend of the woman’s husband who disappeared after the murder of a journalist. 


    “We cannot say that today. Of course, it’s not a secret from the outset that in one version the investigators believe that the husband of the wife may be the perpetrator. This version is still not ruled out, it is very probable, mainly because the man disappeared – he has left his place of residence, his place of work, we have no contact with him. There is such a possibility that he is the perpetrator, but the decision on the charges against a particular person at that time has not yet been taken,” he said.


    The D.A. assured that charges would be filed soon and a search for the husband would be launched. As he said, in the worst-case scenario, search instruments will be activated.


    An autopsy on Wednesday revealed about 50 stab wounds on the body. According to the investigators, this crime is probably of a personal character, so they are trying to contact the husband of the woman who accompanied the man in the Silesian Park. In that case, she’s the only eyewitness to the crime. She was interrogated several times and could not identify the attacker. She has just said it was a man. The murder weapon, the kitchen knife, has already been secured.


    According to CCTV recordings, there were three people at the scene, two men and a woman, but they aren’t good enough to prove the exact perpetrator’s identity. 


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