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    Murder in the Silesian Park. Investigators say the woman’s husband was guilty

    The D.A. office in Chorzów has already filed charges and requested the arrest of Kamil Ż. in connection with the murder of a journalist near the GKS Katowice stadium. According to investigators, the man killed a 30-year-old man in the park last weekend and stabbed him several times with a kitchen knife. The suspect is the husband of a woman who met with a journalist that night.

    After the crime, the suspect disappeared. If the court grants the request for arrest, he will be arrested.


    “Today the District Attorney has decided to close the charges against Kamil Ż. – the murder of a journalist and the unlawful use of a tracking device mounted on Ewelina Ż’s car without her consent,” the District Prosecutor in Chorzów Cezary Golik told the Polish Press Agency.


    The court of Chorzów has already received an application for the arrest of the suspect for three months. The court decides whether to issue an EAW (European Arrest Warrant) and in the event of the suspect’s flight abroad, the Katowice District Court decides on the European Arrest Warrant.


    Investigators have considered the personal background of the crime probable from the outset and are still trying to reach the husband of the woman accompanying the murdered journalist. The truth of the hypothesis could be confirmed by the fact that the suspect disappeared after the crime, and did not appear at his place of residence or his place of work. He might be abroad at the moment.


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