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    Qatar 2022: Michniewicz reacts to group C [VIDEO]

    Czesław Michniewicz, the head coach of the Poland national team, presents his approach to yesterday’s final draw for the FIFA World Cup. Lionel Messi is forced to face Robert Lewandowski and Jacek Góralski. Is that the best scenario for Poland? The coach’s reaction, expectations, and assumptions are below.

    Michniewicz admits that he didn’t follow all the football matches of Mexico, Saudi Arabia, or Argentina, but he assures that many players from the mentioned national teams play in wonderful European clubs.  Poland was assigned to Group C and he declares that it is a reason for happiness. The manager is satisfied with the twist of fate and believes that the clash between such good players as Lewandowski, Góralski, and Messi will be a must-see event. He believes that this group stage is a breath of fresh air and could bring new extraordinary football emotions.


    Similarly to Michniewicz, the President of the Polish FA has high hopes for the future of our National Team in Qatar.

    The world’s best striker Robert Lewandowski is also motivated to provide fans with some spectacular and memorable goals in this clash of football cultures.


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