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    The Botanical Garden of the University of Wroclaw is now open [PHOTOS]

    According to the official website of the Botanical Garden in Wroclaw, the snowy weather did not change the plans of the organisers and the official opening took place on Friday, April 1st.

    Wojciech Basiński assures us that despite the weather conditions and seasonal issues, the plants will surprise us with colourful bouquets of fresh blooms. We encourage you to watch a short video presenting the Garden ➡️ here

    Zygmunt Kącki, the director of the garden invites and encourages to take part in the walk-around on Sunday, April 3rd:

    “I want to show you plants that are meaningful in our lives. Of course, all of them are very important, but some have been embedded in tradition and culture for centuries, or have very interesting environment adaptability. Then, we will have the “Spring in the Garden” event on April 10th, where you would find a fair and demonstrations with tips related to the preparation of your gardens for the season.”



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