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    Abrams tanks will supply the Polish Army. For the Armed Forces, it's a technological innovation

    “Abrams tanks will go to units deployed in eastern Poland, NATO’s eastern flank – primarily the 18th Mechanized Division, including the 1st Warsaw Armored Brigade,” the 18th Mechanized Division tweeted. As they add, the purchase of tanks is one of the key elements of modernization and expansion of the Polish Army.


    During a special conference, Mariusz Błaszczak, head of the Ministry of National Defense, stressed the importance of Poland’s purchase of new technological equipment. This is about the signed contract for 250 Abrams tanks of the latest version.


    “This is a very important day in the history of Polish-American cooperation, but also a very important day when it comes to the history of the Polish Army. A while ago a contract was signed guaranteeing the delivery of 250 Abrams tanks in the latest version for the Polish Army,” indicated the Minister of National Defense.



    M1 Abrams tanks in various versions are the equipment of the armies of Morocco, Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt, Australia, Saudi Arabia and soon Taiwan. They were used in the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Iraqi army’s Abrams were involved in the war against the so-called Islamic State (ISIS), and the Saudi ones were involved in the civil war in Yemen.

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