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    Museums’ Night 2022 in Silesia

    Museums’ Night in Katowice is one of the most popular cultural events. It consists of making available museums, galleries, cultural institutions and historical sites on a given day during the night.

    During this night, the organizers prepare special activities, such as visits to buildings that are normally inaccessible, concerts, workshops and activities for children, etc. Every year more and more tourists come to the Museums’ Night in Katowice. And numerous cultural institutions compete with ideas and organization of attractions for visitors.


    In 2022, the Museums’ Night is planned for Saturday, May 14, 2022, and today you can book this weekend in Katowice!


    This year’s Museums’ Night in Katowice takes place on the night of May 14-15, 2022. During this night, visitors can visit the museums of Katowice and many other cultural institutions free of charge. They have prepared an attractive programme for all participants. 


    Among many interesting attractions, the visitors can admire the exhibition of Salvador Dali’s works at 3 Stawy Shopping Center in Katowice. 


    The first Museums’ Night took place in Berlin in 1997. Due to its great success, similar events took place in other cities, including Nuit Blanche in Paris and museums-n8 in Amsterdam. Nowadays it is organised by more than 140 European cities.


    You can also check the Facebook website of the event 


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