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    #VisitPoland campaign

    Seven travel bloggers from around the globe will be taking part in the #VisitPoland campaign, designed by the Polish Tourism Organization and the Ministry of Sports and Tourism.

    The #VisitPoland campaign uses influencer marketing tools to engage people who determine trends within their online communities. Within the framework of the campaign, video bloggers from the United States, Great Britain, Spain, Mexico, Japan and Canada, among other countries will visit Poland. The popular YouTubers with international scope were chosen through an agreement with Google.
    The Minister of Sports and Tourism, Witold Bańka expressed his optimism in using the internet as a tool to enable the promotional messages to be spread to a potential of millions. Poland has more to offer than meets the eye, as an open and safe country and a good destination for the adventurous explorers. The $200,000 campaign seeks to promote Poland to foreign holiday makers and the to boost revenue through tourism.
    Influencer marketing is now among the most efficient promotional tools. The nearly unlimited territorial reach and influence of YouTubers offer a remarkably effective method of promotion. I believe that the invited YouTubers will create content fully showing to what degree our country is intriguing, dynamically growing and attractive – Minister of Sports and Tourism Witold Bańka.

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