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    The Presidential Couple's Easter wishes: “We believe that truth, good and brotherhood will triumph over evil”

    “We believe that light will conquer darkness, that truth, good and brotherhood will triumph over evil,” Presidential Couple wished for Easter.

    “May peace, hope, unity and brotherhood return to the hearts of each of us,” the President stressed. 


    The First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda pointed out that this year’s Easter is different, as many Polish houses guest refugees from Ukraine fighting for freedom.


    The President pointed out that the Feast of the Resurrection of the Lord is a reminder of the events that gave rise to Christianity, which means that every human being is our neighbour and deserves help, especially those who are abandoned, victims of aggression and injustice.


    “We believe that the light will conquer the darkness, that the truth, good and the brotherhood will triumph over the evil,” said the president’s wife.


    “May these holidays be for us a time of hope (…) May the family atmosphere of these days give you new strength,” Andrzej Duda added.


    Presidential Couple also called for people to remember Poland’s Easter customs and traditions, as they do every year, pointing out that they “maintain the connection between the generations, bring back good memories and bring joy to children.”


    In the end, the Presidential couple expressed special thanks to those who help all those affected, including those in war-torn Ukraine.

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