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    Poland supplies Ukraine with defensive weapons says gov't spokesperson

    Poland, along with several other countries, supports Ukraine’s defence capabilities against the increasing Russian aggression by delivering weapons to the country, a Polish government spokesperson has said.

    Piotr Mueller spoke to a state-owned TV station TVP1 on Wednesday about the ongoing Russian offensive in the eastern Ukrainian Donbas region. 

    He said that “Poland is providing the necessary support to Ukraine… in this difficult situation.”

    “Both Poland and our allies, the US, Great Britain and several other countries, are sending very large shipments of weapons to Ukraine… so that Ukraine can defend not only its territory, but also ensure the safety of Europe,” Piotr Mueller told TVP1 without disclosing further details. 

    “We do not boast about it, because we are a front-line state, close to direct hostilities,” he added.

    Mueller also said that “Germany and other countries are waking up at the moment” and have changed their stance towards military support for Ukraine. 

    “What I can appeal for is that… they send the equipment now, because if it arrives in two weeks, it may be too late,” he said

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