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    Defense of Banaś

    Yesterday, during a session of the state control committee of the lower house of parliament, the president of the Supreme Audit Office, Marian Banaś, introduced the candidates to be vice presidents, Tadeusz Dziuba and Marek Opioła. Both candidates received a positive recommendation from the deputies on the committee. The Supreme Audit Office president also made a statement concerning certain allegations made against him.

    ” During yesterday’s sessions of the state control committee of the lower house of parliament the highest tensions erupted from the fact that the Supreme Audit Office president, Marian Banaś, made a surprising official appearance. The opposition had lots of questions about the serious allegations about inconsistency in his asset affidavits. The main new allegation today is a question from MP Nitras whether there is supposedly a deal reached between president Banaś and the Law and Justice Party to introduce two VPs from Law and Justice in exchange for immunity for himself in respect of the earlier allegations”- says Aleksandra Zarzycka, TV Republika.

     ”A campaign of unfounded allegations has been going on for two months against my good name. The lies about my alleged connections with criminals and allegations about supposed tax avoidance are widely broadcast in the media on the opposition side. It has been suggested that I took ownership of the property in Kraków in an illegal way and that I used my official position to my private benefit. All those allegations are not true. Each of those allegations is a lie, lie, and once more a lie. The property in question was completely remodelled in 2004 and then run as a dormitory by my son. Next, when my son changed his career plans, I found a new property administrator. He did not raise any concerns as to his honesty, he had no criminal record and he was a potential buyer of the property, which was my desired solution. In December 2015, 30 days from assuming the office of the deputy finance minister, I entered into a notary agreement for the sale of that property to the administrator at the time. Based on that agreement, the buyer was to pay a large deposit. In case of dropping the deal, the deposit was supposed to be forfeited, but the amount was to compensate for the loss of the current rent. The suggestion that it was a way to pay less tax is a libel and a simple lie”- says Marian Banaś, Supreme Audit Office President.

     ”The session of the committee ended in a shouting match in the parliament chamber where one opposition MP still tried to ask loud questions to the Supreme Audit Office president escorted by the parliamentary guard officers.
    The state control committee of the lower house of parliament voted to give positive recommendations for the selected candidates as Vice Presidents of the Supreme Audit Office”- says Aleksandra Zarzycka, TV Republika.


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