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    Cheek in European Parliament

    These were all events that took place during yesterday’s sitting of the European Parliament. On Tuesday the parliament held a debate on the alleged discrimination against homosexuals in Poland.

     Before yesterday’s debate in the European Parliament was supposed to touch on the subject of sexual minorities in the European Union, but it turned out to be about the situation of the LGBT population in Poland. It was organized by the far left faction. According to the European Commissioner, the European Commission is concerned about these reports from Poland.

    The leader of the Spring party, Robert Biedroń, joined the discussion as well. He said that he can’t go wherever he wants in Poland, because of his sexual orientation.

     ”There are some shops and restaurants in Poland that I can’t go to. I’ve been living 43 years in a country where people like me are called ‘homo terrorists’. You can promote apples in a supermarket, but you can’t promote homosexualism”- says Robert Biedroń, MEP,Leader of The Spring party.

    The MEP of the Law and Justice party, Patryk Jaki had this to say about these accusations.

     ”Poland is one of the most tolerant and open countries. Poland defends the LGBT people not only during marches but also in other aspects of life. This is not about the people, but about the ideology. Poland has the right to defend its tradition and Catholic values and parents have to right to not want their children to be taught values that they’re not being raised by”- says PatrykJaki,MEP, Law and Justice party.

    According to the publicists, yesterday’s debate in the European Parliament is another stage of the cultural war between Poland and the EU’s left-wing.

     ”The debate focused on Poland, because there are many whistleblowers in our country. It was a pure game of emotions”- says dr.Krzysztof Karnowski, publicist.

    MEPs decided that during December’s plenary session of the European Parliament, they will accept the resolution about the hate speech against LGBT people.  


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