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    Poland refuses Russian gas payment in roubles

    Poland will not agree to pay the Russian gas giant Gazprom in roubles for contracted gas supplies, the government commissioner for strategic energy infrastructure has said.

    Piotr Naimski commented on the issue during a panel discussion at the European Economic Congress, in Katowice, on Tuesday.

    Responding to a reporter’s question on whether Poland will agree to Gazprom’s demands, Naimski said: “We will not pay.”

    “Various possibilities and risks are being considered and we’re prepared for them,” Naimski added.

    “If it is necessary, and if such a decision is made, we’re able to cut ourselves off from the gas supplies at a moment’s notice, and we’re ready for Russian actions, including an interruption of supplies,” Naimski also said.

    Vladimir Putin has signed a decree stating that countries Russia sees as “hostile” to its war on Ukraine will have to buy Russian gas with the Russian currency, the rouble, otherwise, gas supplies will be cut off.

    The European Commission said companies should continue to pay the currency agreed on in their contracts with Gazprom, 97 per cent of which are in euros or dollars.

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