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    The Korean company will be obliged to produce components for Polish small reactors

    Doosan Enerbility, a South Korean industrial and energy company, will make parts for Poland’s small modular reactors (SMRs), developed jointly by the US SMR technology developer NuScale Power and Polish copper and silver company KGHM, NuScale has said.

    Under the agreement signed by NuScale Power and Doosan on Monday, the South Korean company will commence production of the large forged materials used in SMR manufacturing in the latter part of this year and begin full-scale manufacturing of the SMRs main equipment in the second half of 2023.

    According to a press release from NuScale published on Tuesday, owing to the cooperation with Doosan, “it will be possible to obtain carbon-free, safe, and reliable nuclear energy by the end of the decade.” 

    KGHM’s US partner said that it did not rely solely on one partner and “other agreements with US and international suppliers are currently being worked on that will enable NuScale to implement SMR technology with domestic and foreign customers.”

    In mid-February, KGHM and NuScale Power signed a cooperation agreement to develop small modular nuclear reactors. The deal foresees the construction of at least six NuScale SMRs, with an option to expand that number to 12, and with an installed total capacity of around 1 GW. 

    The first reactor is expected to start operating as early as 2029.

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