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    Scandal at the final of the Polish Cup! Fans of Lech Poznań couldn’t enter the stadium

    At the PGE Narodowy in Warsaw, the final of the Polish Football Cup began at 4 p.m. in which Lech Poznań plays Raków Częstochowa. However, most of the fans of “Kolejorz” (old used abbreviation for Lech Poznań – editor’s note) are still in front of the stadium, their sectors are empty.

    The reason for their disagreement with the organisers is the ban on raising large flags, in so-called sector flags. It is about safety aspects to avoid problems such as pyrotechnics. The chairman of the Polish Football Association (PZPN), Cezary Kulesza, announced that the final of the PC would not be held in the capital if such “officiousness” of the Warsaw services were to be repeated in the future.



    For the fans of both teams, there are 9,000 tickets each – for the seats behind the goals. At the time of the start of the final, these remained empty for the most ardent sympathizers of the “Kolejorz.” Crowds of fans who were able to come from Poznań are waiting in front of the stadium all the time.



    At the moment, the fans of Lech are only in the so-called neutral sectors, i.e., closer to the centre of the pitch. The sectors intended for Raków fans were also empty for a long time and filled with the first whistle of referee Szymon Marciniak. In the beginning, fans of the top leader of the class sang mostly vulgar songs and shouted against the PZPN, Warsaw President Rafal Trzaskowski or the police.



    The president of the PZPN Cezary Kulesza decided to support the fans.


    “The position of the Warsaw State Fire Department (PSP) to ban larger flags hits the beauty of the sport, is incomprehensible and does more harm than good. The rules that have been in place for years have been changed. If the PSP does not change its position in the future, the PC final will not take place in Warsaw,” he tweeted.



    That’s what Rafał Trzaskowski decided to do


    On 25 April, the Mayor of the City of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, granted permission to hold a major sporting event – a football match Lech Poznań – Raków Częstochowa in the final of the Polish Cup at the PGE Narodowy stadium. However, Trzaskowski made the condition that the organizer does not allow the use of banners or flags with dimensions greater than 2 m x 1.5 m. Failure by the organiser to comply with this condition is punishable by imprisonment for up to 8 years (Article 58 (1) of the Law on the Safety of Mass Events). The PZPN appealed against this decision to the Board of Appeal of Self-Government, which upheld Trzaskowski’s decision.


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