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    Mosbacher: Poland should get the Nobel Peace Prize

    Georgette Mosbacher, speaking on New York’s Polish community Radio Rampa, said that Poland should receive the Nobel Peace Prize for helping Ukrainian refugees.

    “As far as I’m concerned Poland should get the Nobel Peace Prize, you realise 1.8 mln refugees are not going into camps (refugee centres – PAP), Poland takes them into their homes. If that doesn’t say everything about the Polish character I don’t know what does,” said the former ambassador.


    In an interview given in March for the Interia news portal, Mosbacher also stated that “Poland is today the most important country in the region, which coordinates humanitarian policy and the transport of weapons to Ukraine. You are, in the full sense of the word, the eastern flank of NATO – a key element of the continent’s security architecture.”


    Since the beginning of the war, Border Guard officers have cleared 3.163 million people at border crossings from Ukraine to Poland, the Border Guard announced on Thursday.

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