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    MoD: Polish army to receive several hundred drones this year

    The Polish army will be equipped with several hundred Warmate, Gladius and FlyEye drones this year, the defence minister has announced.

    “The new equipment will be delivered to artillery regiments stationed in eastern Poland,” Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said on Friday.


    “A week ago, we signed a contract on the Warmate delivery, today another one on Glaudius, and on FlyEye in February,” he said.


    Blaszczak made the statement after he had approved the contract on the purchase of four Gladius unmanned search and strike systems. The battery-powered module will consist of launchers, command vehicles, ammunition and maintenance vehicles, and a supply of Gladius drones.


    “We have been strengthening the Polish armed forces, enlarging them and providing them with state-of-the-art military equipment,” Blaszczak said.


    “We have been following what has been going on behind our eastern border… and getting ready to repel an attack if it takes place,” he concluded.

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