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    Belarusian propaganda used Polish deserter to carry out disinformation actions even after his death

    “Belarusian propaganda used E. Czeczko – even after his death – to carry out disinformation and provocative actions against Poland,“ Stanisław Żaryn, Spokesperson of the Minister-Special Services Coordinator, pointed out.


    “Burial of a traitor in the cemetery among Polish soldiers, heroes of WWII, and the setting of the event – a coffin covered with a white and red flag, a wreath with a ribbon and inscription: ‘For the Polish Soldier and Patriot – the Polish Nation’ was a Belarusian provocation,” Żaryn wrote.


    He also pointed out that thanks to such a setting, Belarusian propaganda had suggested that Poles support E. Czeczko’s decisions and slanders against Poland. Moreover, it suggests that Polish society appreciates Czeczko’s activities.


    “Czeczko deserted from the PL Army to Belarus, where he became a tool of the local propaganda, promoting absurd slanders against Poland. He accused PL of crimes against foreigners, claiming that together with other soldiers he was forced to kill people on the border with Belarus,” Spokesperson of the Minister-Special Services Coordinator wrote. 


    To sum up, Żaryn notices that the funeral of the deserter was organised by Belarusians. “In Poland, E. Czeczko has been shrouded in shame, and his reprehensible behaviour has met with public condemnation,” he added. 



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