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    Shocking! A dog bit a 20-year-old’s ear off

    A 20-year-old woman in the shelter of Kalisz was attacked by a dog which bit her ear off, the head of shelter Jacek Kołatka said. He added that the woman went into the box even though she had been trained before and “knew she was not allowed to do so when the animal was in the room.”

    The incident took place on 3 May in the shelter on Warszawska Street in Kalisz. On that day, a farmworker and a 20-year-old were on the premises of the shelter. The woman was sent to work in the shelter because she had previously been convicted of community service by the District Court of Kalisz.


    “Before being admitted to work, she received training in occupational safety regulations,” Kołatka said. He stressed that she knew that boxes could be cleaned only in the absence of the animal.


    “Meanwhile, the woman entered the box where the dog was. The animal rushed at her and bit off most of her ear,” the head of the shelter said.


    The dog was admitted for rabies control. The injured woman was taken to the hospital where her wound was treated. The spokeswoman of the Kalisz District Court, Judge Edyta Janiszewska, said that “persons sent to work are insured by the courts.”


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