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    Insane scenes by Mariacka Street in Katowice. The paramedics were thrown with empty bottles

    How some people behave towards paramedics staggers the imagination. The crew of an ambulance was called to an unconscious man who had gotten drunk. While he was being helped, bottles and vulgar screams flew toward the helpers. Someone even tried to urinate on the ambulance crew. The lifeguard warns that “if someone is not interested in what is happening on one of the streets in Katowice, there will be a tragedy.”

    One of the rescuers reported on social media about the incident that took place on Sunday before 4.30 a.m. on Dworcowa street in the city centre of Katowice. 


    “Nobody said it is nice and pleasant in the ambulance service, but how dare they throw beer bottles in the direction of the medical staff providing help?” the lifeguard wrote on Facebook.


    Dworcowa Street, recently a pedestrian street by the old railway station of Katowice, is located near Mariacka street, which is probably the most popular meeting place in the capital of Upper Silesia – with pubs, bars and restaurants. It is particularly crowded on weekends. Many bars close in the morning.


    Swear words, bottles and more…


    The spokesperson for the Katowice Police, 2Lt Agnieszka Żyłka, confirmed that the incident described by the lifeguard had taken place. As reported, an ambulance was called to an unconscious man lying on the bench. As it turned out later, he was intoxicated and was placed in the detoxification centre.


    During the intervention of the rescue services, a group of drunken men near the ambulance crew shouted abusive words, someone urinated publicly, and a beer bottle was thrown toward the lifeguards, which broke on the paving stones. The police were called to the scene.


    “Notifications of this kind from our colleagues in other services are always dealt with as a matter of priority,” she said. She admitted at the same time that – due to other interventions at the same time – the police did not immediately appear at the scene of the crime.


    “During this time, the patrol intervened in the nearby Mariacka street, where the 46-year-old man who had violated the night’s sleep as well as the physical integrity of the police. He was taken into police custody,” the speaker said. 


    When the officers arrived at the scene, the ambulance crew could not determine which of the drunken men was violent or who threw the bottle. According to the police, neither the rescue team was injured nor the integrity of the rescue workers was violated, nor the car was damaged. There is no procedure at present. The man to whom an ambulance was called was placed in the detoxification centre.



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