back to top – Polish technology startup enters the Ukrainian market

    The modern platform is a new quality of veterinary services. At the disposal of users, a team of specialists has been engaged and a dedicated app for smartphones has been prepared.

    “This solution meets the needs of pet owners,” Paweł Kowalski, representative of, says. “The first meeting takes place online and helps to assess the condition of the pet in advance. As a result, we reduce the cost of treatment for animals involved in finding a specialist to treat the animal. In addition, we make it easier to find specialists by providing owners with an intuitive vet search.”


    Animal owners have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, and vets want to participate in the app pilot program, agreeing that using a pre-diagnosis app will take their work to the next level.


    Europe opens up to veterinary teleconsultation


    The solution prepared by a Polish startup is very popular in foreign markets. Doctors successfully use all the possibilities offered by today’s remote diagnostics. Similar solutions have been in place in the UK for years and have proved to be an excellent alternative to stationary appointments during the pandemic.


    The teams in the veterinary clinics are divided into smaller units and take turns in the clinic. Those who work from home carry out a pre-selection by deciding which patients need a standard appointment and which patients can be consulted online. This system has significantly improved the work of the industry and reduced waiting time for patients who need to visit a clinic.


    “Sometimes you can’t bring your pet to the clinic for a variety of reasons, but you’re worried about its condition. Thanks to the online consultation, you can find out if your pet can wait until the scheduled visit. If not, you can find out where it can get help quickly,” a representative says. 


    “The consultation after the treatment, which costs no less than the operation itself, can also be carried out remotely, thus reducing costs and saving you and the animal the stress of a stationary visit.”


    In addition, you will find in the browser the first veterinary practices that you can visit and talk to in Ukrainian. Dedicated specialists take care of the health of refugee animals, and the language barrier will not be an obstacle to proper diagnosis and recommendations. The database of practices offering services also in the Ukrainian language is constantly being expanded.


    The company has decided to introduce the platform to the Ukrainian market. Once the war is over, the platform will be available in Ukraine thanks to


    And even now, through the website, needy people from Ukraine (a smartphone with internet access is sufficient to make a phone call) can arrange a free online vet consultation with a vet who speaks fluent Ukrainian or Russian. The conversation aims to provide quick support and to keep both the owner and his pet calm.


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