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    The Polish Embassy in Moscow doused with red paint in an act of revenge [VIDEO]

    The Polish embassy building in Moscow was covered with red paint. It is probably the revenge of Russian citizens for Monday’s events in Poland, when Russian Ambassador to Poland, Sergey Andreyev, was doused with red paint at the Soviet Military Mausoleum in Warsaw by. The Russian authorities request the Polish authorities to apologize for the incident with the Russian ambassador.





    Lukasz Jasina, the spokesperson for the Polish foreign ministry, said the ambassador had called in the police and was waiting for them at the embassy.


    Earlier on Wednesday video material posted on social media showed unidentified people spraying the embassy building with red paint.


    Asked what steps the Polish side planned to take in the matter, Jasina said his ministry will make public any further developments.


    The incident follows an incident on Monday in Warsaw when the Russian ambassador to Poland, Sergey Andreyev had red paint thrown at him by protesters as he tried to lay a wreath at a Soviet war memorial to mark the anniversary of the Soviet Army’s defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, (May 9).


    Marcin Przydacz, a deputy foreign minister, has said that Poland was awaiting explanations from Russia on the incident at the embassy.

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