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    “Life in the City – How the Pandemic Changed our Perspectives” Conference in Copernicus Science Centre

    Tomorrow (May 17th) throughout the whole day in the Copernicus Science Centre will take place a conference under the theme “Life in the City – How the Pandemic Changed our Perspectives”. Scientists, businessmen and residents of Warsaw will reflect on the changes that took place in Warsaw during the pandemic and how will they impact the future.

    The event is organized by the Municipal Council of Warsaw as a part of the 9th Worldwide City Forum that will take place in June of this year in Katowice. The conference is divided into three thematical areas: the residents (relations and social activity), business (models of providing services) and open room (travelling tendencies of city residents). 

    The conference will start at 9 A.M. and end at 5:30 P.M. In the beginning, Professor Piotr Michoń of the Poznan University of Economic Sciences will make an opening speech, after which the guests will participate in a survey about how they perceived the pandemic. It will be followed by a debate focusing on the three themes: residents – business – open room. The participants will try to find answers to whether the changes that happened in the last two years will linger for much longer; should we alter our current strategies and focus on different aspects, and what have we learned from the pandemic.

    The conference will be transmitted through the YouTube channel of the Warsaw Municipal Council [here].


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