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    Slovenian president: Poles show model approach towards Ukraine

    Borut Pahor, the Slovenian president, during his visit to Warsaw, has praised the Polish nation for its approach towards their Ukrainian neighbours amid Russia’s war on their country.

    “Polish women and men showed the world their most beautiful face in these tragic times for our friends from Ukraine,” Pahor said on Friday after he met with the Polish president Andrzej Duda.


    “They (Poles – PAP) are a model and inspiration for our common approach to Ukraine,” he added.


    Pahor also thanked Duda for the initiative to grant EU candidate status to Ukraine. “I supported the letter of nine presidents. I believe that this is a good and wise step,” he said.


    At a joint press conference with Pahor, Duda said that “nobody intends to exert military pressure on Russia” and that neither EU nor NATO countries have such an intention.


    However, he added, “sanctions are the only peaceful way with a serious impact… and therefore it is necessary to adopt another package of sanctions.”


    Duda admitted this solution may be difficult for the countries which are largely or completely dependent on hydrocarbons from Russia, nevertheless, in his opinion, “a compromise must be worked out within the European Union.”

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