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    More than 100 pre-war tombstones were found in the Oder River [PHOTOS&VIDEO]

    The Oder is a river in Central Europe that is the second-longest in total length and the third-longest river in Poland. The case known since 2009 has revealed the pre-war mysteries and about 120 antique tombstones sunken along the shoreline have been found in the Oder River this week.

    The footage from the action was shared by the Polish historian, musician, and policeman from Provincial Police Headquarters in Szczecin Marek Łuczak on Facebook:


    According to, Łuczak assumes that the tombstones were taken from the cemeteries and then stored in the repository after the war. As stated by the locals, the tombstones were used to strengthen the flood embankment. Based on them, the researchers managed to establish nearly 30 biographies. Among others, the tombstones commemorate for example Michael Mandelkow from Wąwelnica (German Wamlitz) and Bernhard Macher from Mścięcin (German Messenthin) and the little boy, a son of a farmer – a 1,5 years old Rudolph Ernst Bagemühl.


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