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    KSW 70: Mariusz Pudzianowski KOs Michal Materla [VIDEO]

    A powerful knockout in the clash of legends at KSW 70! Mariusz Pudzianowski left no illusions, his powerful uppercut put Michał Materla on his back.

    The main fight of the KSW 70 fight was a clash of powerful fighters, Mariusz Pudzianowski and Michal Materla. The former strongman showed great strength and power.


    The fight lasted less than two minutes. That’s when “Pudzian” launched a powerful right uppercut, which reached its target. Materla fell unconscious as if struck by lightning. It was obvious that he lost contact with reality.



    It took the medical staff a long time to get “Cipao” back on his feet. Cipao finally managed to get up and stand for the verdict, but in the interview, after the fight, he admitted that he didn’t remember how he had ended the fight with Pudzianowski.


    “Pudzian” in turn did not hide his emotions after this great victory, which in his opinion was the most valuable in his entire career.




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