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    Foreign Mission Veterans' Day

    Foreign Mission Veterans’ Day is a holiday in Poland that has been celebrated annualy on 29 May since 2012. The Republic of Poland Parliament adopted a relevant resolution on establishing this day in 2011. Also, the Foreign Mission Veterans’ Day is co-celebrated with the UN International Peace Mission Participants Day on the same date.

    Since World War Two, over a hundred thousands of Polish soldiers, army personnel, officers of police and other uniformed service, and civilian experts have taken part in numerous  military, peace and stabilization missions throughout the world. The Polish flag was flying in Korea, Egypt, Cambodia, Syria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chad, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central African Republic and in dozens of other countries in different continents.  (


    Service abroad is difficult, dangerous, and demanding. Soldiers put their lives at risk on daily basis. They are never sure if this mission is the last one. Sadly many of them do not return and this is a reason for the high respect and support by civilians. Therefore, Poles pay tribute to heroic veterans in cities all over Poland:



    President Andrzej Duda also takes part in today’s celebrations.



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