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    Another multi-faceted disinformation campaign against Poland

    “Russia is continuing its propaganda campaign against Poland in connection with the war in Ukraine. The Polish President’s recent visit to Kyiv served to intensify Russian lies about Warsaw’s alleged plans to annex Ukraine,” Stanisław Żaryn informs.

    “A Ukrainian politician from a pro-Russian party continues to spread insinuations against Poland while attacking president V. Zelensky. Ilya Kiva accuses Kyiv and Warsaw of preparing for the annexation of western Ukraine by Poland. Kiva formulated his accusations in Telegram. He accused the authorities in Kyiv of preparing for the creation of a new Ukrainian state with its capital in Lviv and then preparing a referendum to incorporate it into Poland,” Stanisław Żaryn, Spokesperson of the Minister-Special Services Coordinator, points out. 


    What is more, Żaryn notes that the Russian publicist announced the possibility of Poland creating a ‘Ukrainian Voivodship’, in which Poles will rule. In his opinion, Khrolenko’s lies are in line with the Russian disinformation operation against Poland. “Kremlin is pushing lies that Poland is planning an attack on Western UA,” he states. 



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