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    A Polish Youtube channel full of gourmet meals! 'Maciej eats' by Maciej Blatkiewicz [VIDEOS]

    ‘Maciej eats’ (Polish: ‘Maciej je’) is a Polish Youtube channel led by Maciej Blatkiewicz. His content includes recommendations regarding the best Polish restaurants and even more. If you are a fan of Polish cuisine, do not hesitate to follow “Maciej je” on the Youtube platform! You can find there some tips about traveling as well.

    Poland is full of incredible restaurants but sometimes it is difficult to decide which one will be the most suitable on the matter of price and your favorite flavors. Thanks to the omnipresent Internet the issues that can be found in the topics mentioned before are no longer valid and reliable information about the best restaurants in our country is accessible for free on Youtube.

    ‘Maciej eats’ led by Maciej Blatkiewicz shows people the best restaurants in different Polish cities, for example in Cracow:


    and Poznań:


    He also published his own book that includes the best restaurants in Zakopane and the Podhale area. On his channel, we can find the videos from his culinary adventures abroad. Together with his wife, they create a mini-series of each country they visit and thus give us the opportunity to see the world from their perspective full of good taste.



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