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    Babyboom at the Warsaw's Zoo!

    Children’s Day in Poland is full of good news. The Warsaw Zoological Garden passed fantastic information that three fawns of sika deer, also known as the spotted deer, were born this spring. What is interesting, this species is no longer found in the wild.

    The eastern deer is common, but its subspecies, the Japanese (sika) deer, has become extinct in its homeland. This species is also a member of a group of deer known as the “true deer”. Unfortunately, according to the Warsaw Zoo, the sika deer is on the Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN Red List) and has the status of EW (extinct in the wild). But, you can meet these beautiful forest animals in National Parks and zoos. //  ? Paulina Chmielnicka, Agata Woźniak
    At first, the young deer were secretive and stayed away from the herd, but now they are getting bolder and bolder in the paddock. All three sisters love to play with each other. The whole herd has accepted the little ones and surrounds them with tender care, led by the father of the fawns.



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