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    Missiles fell on a railway tunnel near the Polish border. A hit on the main artery of western Ukraine

    The Russians have been shelling Ukraine in almost all directions of operations. The previous evening, the Beskid Railway Tunnel passing through the Carpathian Mountains in Lviv Region, the main transport artery in western Ukraine, was shelled. The Ukrainians are repelling enemy attacks by destroying equipment, including landing boats.

    According to the General Staff in this morning’s communiqué, in the Bakhmuk direction, the enemy is storming the village of Komyshuvakha (south of Severodonetsk) to take control of the locality.


    “He has had partial success, but fighting continues. He stormed the settlements of Nahirne and Bilihorivka, but as a result of the shelling by our troops he withdrew,” we read in the summary of the operational situation.


    The Russians are conducting shelling in most directions of operations.


    “Over the past 24 hours on the Donetsk and Luhansk directions thirteen enemy attacks were repulsed, two tanks, six artillery systems, and eight armoured fighting vehicles were destroyed,”  the message conveyed.


    Shelling in western Ukraine


    Russian rockets hit western Ukraine on Wednesday evening in the territory of the Stryisky (district) region in the Lviv region, head of the Lviv regional military administration Maksym Kozitskyi wrote in Telegram.


    The rocket attack was carried out on the Beskid Railway Tunnel passing through the Carpathian Mountains in the Lviv region. This is a key transport artery of Western Ukraine, through which 60 per cent of transit cargo passes.


    “According to preliminary data, a missile hit a transport infrastructure facility. Two people were injured. There is no information about the dead for now. The data is still being updated,” informed Kozicki.


    At around 9 p.m. (8 p.m. in Poland) an anti-aircraft alert was issued in all regions of Ukraine, except Crimea and the Kherson region.


    Ukraine’s successes on the water


    Ukrainian forces have sunk two Russian fast landing ships on the Dnieper and Bohu Liman in southern Ukraine in the last 24 hours, the Ukrinform news agency reported, quoting a communiqué from Ukraine’s Operational Command South.


    According to Ukrinform, the Russian ships were supposed to take part in Russian sabotage and reconnaissance operations but were sunk by Ukrainian artillery units in their hiding place on the Liman, a shallow bay on the Black Sea coast into which the Dnipro and Boh rivers flow.


    Meanwhile, there are three Russian ships in the Black Sea threatening a missile attack on Ukrainian territory. However, no landing ships have been observed there, the Southern Command relayed.


    Two other Russian Raptor patrol boats, which were hit earlier, were towed from Snake Island to the Sevastopol base for repairs, the Ukrainian command added.


    A total of 21 Russian soldiers were eliminated in southern Ukraine over the past 24 hours, and an anti-aircraft system, a self-propelled gun, four T-72 tanks, four armoured vehicles, three trucks, three drones and three field ammunition depots were destroyed. Faced with the losses, the Russians stepped up artillery and aerial shelling.

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