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    5th edition of 'A fair booth' (Polish: “Buda Jarmarczna”) Theater Festival is underway

    Przedmieście Theatre in Rzeszów invites to the 5th ‘A fair booth’ Theatre Festival. It will be held on 3-5 June (Friday-Sunday). Festival refers to the art of Tadeusz Kantor, one of the most outstanding artists of the 20th century, director, creator of happenings, painter, and stage designer.

    Tadeusz Kantor’s work is still the key feature that binds the plays of the festival. It is an inspiration and motivation for theatrical and artistic searches for the next generations of artists. However, the festival does not focus on the master’s art itself, but rather offers performances in the spirit of the performances of independent theatrical groups, inspired by folklore and market art. Every year outstanding artists of the Polish independent scene are invited to participate in this project.

    Today, on the second day of the festival, the artists invite you to the performance “Mr. and Mrs. O!” performed by the Mimo Mime Theater. It is a visual comedy without words that feeds on the humor and ridiculousness of everyday life. Also, a bit of magic and absurdity taken from real life are included.

    Later, the Polish-Bolivian family acting group Entre dos Aguas un Teatro will perform the play named “Pass-Port / Puerto de Paso”. 

    It is not easy for everyone to cross borders. Especially if you cross the border between two continents, or change your present world to another and proverbial “launch into space” in search of a “better life”. Most of all, it is difficult if you have specific personal qualities and other undesirable life characteristics embedded in your body, soul, and mind. Well, we are used to sacrificing ourselves for the sake of others to make our dreams come true. Why should it be any different now? In the play “Pass-Port / Puerto de Paso” we delve into the topic of migration, we analyze the concept of decay, “decomposing” – for higher goals, greater ambition; abandoning one’s home, profession, parts of one’s body …



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