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    Who started the war in Ukraine? Pope Francis: The leaders of the nations

    Today, Pope Francis appealed to “the leaders of nations” not to bring humanity to destruction. The Pope, who has previously admitted that “we are all guilty,” did not, however, indicate who started “the madness of destruction.”

    Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Pope Francis’ behaviour has been controversial. The Holy Father has already stated that NATO’s “barking at Russia’s door” may have been the cause of the war, and he has called the West’s increased defence spending insane. 




    Pope Francis once again blamed the war drama in Ukraine on someone else. So, who is guilty this time? 


    Today, while meeting with thousands of the faithful, the Pope said: “Now, 100 days after the beginning of the armed conflict in Ukraine, the nightmare of war, the negation of God’s dream, has once again fallen over humanity: people clashing, people killing each other.”


    “While the madness of destruction and death rages, and clashes flare up fueling an even more dangerous escalation for everyone, I renew my appeal to the leaders of nations: please do not bring humanity to destruction,” Pope Francis urged.


    He also appealed: “Let the desperate cry of the people who suffer be heard! May human life be respected! Let the macabre destruction of cities and villages in Eastern Ukraine stop! Let us pray together and commit ourselves untiringly to peace.”



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