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    Knife assault outside the gate of PKN Orlen’s headquarters in Plock. The perpetrator was said to be talking about 'getting the job done' NEW FACTS

    New findings are emerging in the case of a knife attack on a security employee in front of the PKN Orlen plant in Plock. According to unofficial information, the attacker, after being detained, was said to have behaved “irrationally” and to have spoken of “completing the task.”

    The attack took place before 5 a.m. at the gate of the PKN Orlen plant on Łukasiewicza street in Plock. According to RMF FM, a man drove up to the gate in a car and then got out and stabbed the facility’s security guard. The injured man was helped by other security guards, who overpowered the attacker. Police were called and arrested the 41-year-old stabber, as well as medical services, which transported the 42-year-old security guard to the hospital. 


    Police report that the attacker was sober and tests are being conducted for the presence of narcotics in his body.


    According to unconfirmed information, he was acting “irrationally” at the time of his arrest and spoke of “getting the job done”. He was said to be wearing a tactical vest.


    Sub-comm. Marta Lewandowska, press officer of the Plock City Police Station, said that during his detention the 41-year-old claimed to be a “special forces soldier”.


    RMF FM reported that a gun and two grenades, “probably concussion grenades”, were found in the detainee’s car.


    The injured 42-year-old is in a serious condition and is “fighting for his life”, according to Polsat News.


    “The first findings suggest that the man who attacked and seriously wounded the Orlen employee resembles the actions of Cyba [Ryszard, guilty of murdering an employee of the Law and Justice party’s office in Lodz in 2010, acting for political reasons],” wrote the editor-in-chief of “Gazeta Polska”, Tomasz Sakiewicz, on Twitter.



    According to, the attack was motivated by the fact that the assailant was “opposed to the merger” of PKN Orlen and Lotos.


    RMF24’s current findings show that the man who attacked a security guard outside the PKN Orlen plant was undergoing mental health treatment, the Plock district attorney’s office has admitted. The whole incident was recorded by CCTV cameras.


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