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    No one will believe the Russians' fake stories anymore. This recording of a dead soldier leaves no illusions [VIDEO]

    The phone of a slain Russian soldier has become a source of much interesting information. A video was found on it showing Moscow troops in tanks entering Ukraine’s Kharkiv region. As the author of the video claimed, this was supposed to be a “standard special operation that will last a week at most”.

    The footage was spread online by Ukrainian activist and blogger Serhiy Sternenko. Moreover, he also analysed other content that was on the Russian soldier’s phone. All of them provide clear evidence that the Russians knew perfectly where they were entering and for what purpose. Now no one should doubt that they were not there – as they often claim – “without being informed that they were going to Ukraine”.


    “It will take a week at most”.


    Sternenko reported that the author of the videos was 21-year-old soldier Vadim Plokhich. He joined the Russian army as a conscript, while shortly afterwards he signed a contract and participated in armed conflicts in Syria and Donbas. His correspondence also shows that he was in China and Karabakh.


    Subsequently, the 21-year-old knowingly took part in the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine. According to him, the Kremlin had been planning to invade Ukraine since early 2022. The first date, he indicated, was 4 January. At the time of the attack on Ukraine on 24 February, he was convinced that the “operation” would not last long.


    “Yes, a week at most, a week at most. It is a standard operation,” assured Plokhich on the recording.



    The seizure of Kyiv did not follow the plan


    Ukrainian media have established that the 21-year-old Russian had been a part of a group that planned to seize the country’s capital, Kyiv. Initially, Plokhich entered Ukrainian territory from the direction of Belarus. However, as it turned out – “something went wrong” and from there the group was transported to another place.


    “Near Kyiv, we were f**k up by Ukrainian forces and taken to Belarus, after which we are going to Belgorod,” wrote the Russian criminal at the time.


    It was confirmed that Plokhich entered the territory of the Kharkiv region in April through the Chugunovka border crossing.


    He described what he had done to civilians 


    A recording of the Russian convoy’s entry into Ukrainian territory was also found on the 21-year-old phone. He boasted to his comrades that he had robbed the flats of local civilians, and shops, and had shot innocent people, allegedly “with a swastika on their bodies”.


    He admitted that the sadism and bestiality of the Russians horrified even him, but he remained in the army “for the money”. 


    “However, the invader will no longer be able to enjoy his earnings – he was terminated around mid-May,” admitted Ukrainian activist Sternenko.



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