“Clatter'56” – the event commemorating June 1956, the workers' uprising in Poznań

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“Clatter’56” is the event commemorating June 1956, the workers’ uprising in Poznań. This year, the “Clack’56” statuettes will be awarded for the first time in Poznań on June 27. They will be awarded to people who testify with their achievements to the values in the name of which the protests in 1956 were made. The statuettes are modeled on the original workers’ clogs – “okuloki”.

The name of the new award – “Clatter’56” (Polish: “Stukot’56”) – refers to the clatter of wooden clogs on the pavement, which accompanied the crowd of workers from Poznań factories and workplaces marching silently to the center of Poznań. The laureates and laureates are to be the”clatter for the contemporaries”. “Clatter’56” will be awarded to people or institutions which testify with their achievements to the values of the 1956 Poznań June and make them real in our times.

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The “okuloki” statuette / gloswielkopolski.pl

A crowd of approximately 100,000 people gathered in the city centre near the local Ministry of Public Security building. About 400 tanks and 10,000 soldiers of the Polish People’s Army and the Internal Security Corps under the command of the Polish-Soviet general Stanislav Poplavsky were ordered to suppress the demonstration and during the pacification fired at the protesting civilians. The death toll is estimated from 57 to over a hundred people, including a 13-year-old boy, Romek Strzałkowski. Hundreds of people sustained injuries. The Poznań protests were an important milestone on the way to the Polish October and the installation of a less Soviet-controlled government.


The “Clatter’56” statuette will be awarded in three categories:

1. For God – for those who fight and well-served in the fight for religious freedom;
2. For freedom – for those who fight and deserved in the fight for freedom;
3. Law and bread – for those who fight and merit in the fight for the dignity of the needy.

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