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    The corpse of a two-year-old girl found in an abandoned house. The tragedy shocked a small village in Kujawy

    Residents of Szabda near Brodnica are shocked after a child was found dead in one of the houses in the village. They know little about the family who was said to have rented the house. The investigation, in this case, is being conducted in the direction of murder. The father of the deceased two-year-old girl has been detained.

    There has never been such a tragedy


    Szabda is a village near Brodnica, on the edge of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship. It has several hundred inhabitants, but the area is quite large as the village is stretched out. In the shop, journalists found out that people in this village do not remember such a tragedy in recent years.


    “There was a case of a paedophile priest from the village next door,” said one woman. “But what has happened now – after all, it is absolutely inconceivable. It is inconceivable,”  she adds.


    She admits that she knew very little about the family where the tragedy took place. She had seen the father of four or five children “maybe once or twice”. “I didn’t even know which family it was. They lived there to the left as you drive past the statue,” indicates the woman, referring to the roadside shrine.


    The house where the tragedy occurred is large and white. Next to it, there is a large green area, a trampoline for children to play on, and a small bicycle.


    Another planned child 


    “I don’t know what happened there, really. I’ll know in a few days because I work at the parish” – says one of the residents encountered by the reporter. The other man adds that he has lived in the village since he was born, but does not remember such a tragedy. “There was no such thing, I would have known,” he says with sadness in his voice.


    Everyone relays that the family rented the house. Most likely for several years. They came from other places.


    “Many people from here don’t come to the shop, they go to Brodnica for shopping. You can’t imagine what happened. You can only wonder how it could have happened. But what really happened? I don’t know.” The shop assistant pointed out. They say that the partner of the detained man was supposed to be in Warsaw because she was pregnant again.


    “I can only say that an investigation has been launched in the case and very intensive investigations are underway, as well as that today a post-mortem examination of the child’s corpse was conducted, the results of which we have to wait for about a week, as other examinations have been ordered,” said the District Attorney in Brodnica, Alina Szram.


    Father suspected of murder


    The Polish Press Agency and Radio PiK later established that the investigation was opened concerning murder. However, this is not necessarily the final qualification.


    The head of the District Attorney’s Office confirmed that the father of the child has been detained, but no charges have yet been brought against him. Actions with him will most likely be carried out on Saturday afternoon.


    Earlier, the press officer of the District Police Headquarters in Brodnica, asp. Agnieszka Łukaszewska reported that on Thursday a child aged about two was found dead in one of the houses in Szabda.


    Did he kill and run away with the children?


    Staff warrant officer Lukaszewska reported that the police were informed about the case on Thursday around 6 pm by the owner of a single-family house who was renting it. The owner was alerted by workers who had come to renovate the house. The corpse of a girl aged about two was found in one of the rooms. No one was found at the scene. The police officer added that the flat was probably rented by the child’s parents.


    The portal was the first to report that the child had been found. According to the findings of the portal, the child’s corpse was badly decomposed.


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