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    Poles found and brought back a brand new Polonez Truck from Cyprus [PHOTOS]

    It left Poland in November 1995 and arrived in Cyprus in March 1996. It “stayed” there for 26 years, until it was found by a Pole on holiday in Cyprus. Polonez Truck RHD with the steering wheel on the right side is slowly becoming one of the most famous cars in Poland. The Pole who bought it is its first owner.

    This is a real treat for those who sigh at the sight of a Polonez, especially one in good condition. A group of Poles have found a Polonez Truk, manufactured in 1995. – brand new – a Polonez Truck. The discovery is all the more special as it was made in Cyprus, and the car has come back to life after 26 years spent in a garage.



    The above-mentioned car is a Polonez model with a Citroen engine (1.9 D) of 70 horsepower. Apart from the diesel engine, the Polonezes for export were snow-white in colour (L-90), had low fuel consumption and were trouble-free, but were more expensive than the versions available in Poland.



    As we can read on the website “Żółta Blacha rejestracja pojazdów zabytkowych”: “it arrived in Cyprus as a show car (a total of 124 were sold on the island). It was never driven; it was not even started up. It came from the last ever delivery of Polonezes to Cyprus”. For 26 years it simply stood in the FSO showroom in Paphos.



    The car has a total mileage of around 40 kilometres, 20 of which were driven on the test track at the factory, and 20 in Cyprus itself. Mr Patryk services cars, so the Polonez could not have come at a better time. After a few replacements, the car started up and drove another… 200 metres.



    Currently, the car can be seen in the Automotive Museum in Jelenia Góra.


    “The iconic and brand new Polonez 1.9 D, found in Cyprus, has been put on display in our museum. I think that many people know its very interesting history. Interest in this vehicle has overshadowed our other star of the exhibition, the 1989 Lamborghini Coutach!” – we read on the museum’s Facebook profile.

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