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    The Polish Army will be expanded to 400 000 soldiers

    The former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland Jarosław Kaczyński started a tour of Poland to meet voters. In addition to summarizing the achievements of our government over the years, a lot of interesting information was found during his speeches. He touched upon the subject of Poland’s defense policy and the increase in spending on Poland’s defense, as well as introducing new, transparent solutions for future soldiers in the area of recruitment.

    Today, the Polish Army includes 150 000 soldiers. The previous plans of the Ministry of National Defense assumed that the army will be expanded to 300 000. However, according to the news announced in the speech in Toruń by the head of the Polish ruling party Law and Justice Jarosław Kaczyński, this number will be expanded to 400 000 soldiers in the future.


    The politician highlights the need to expand our army and defend our country. Our government works to ensure that Poland will not meet the same fate as Ukraine. Poland helps Ukraine but it is not the first time that our army shows its courage and extraordinary military abilities. To catch up, we need to constantly improve our defense industry. The Polish government is to buy about the 500 HIMARS, 32 F-35 fighter jets, 250 M1A2 SEPv3 tanks, 8 Patriot batteries, and around 500 new unspecified Main Battle Tanks. This war equipment can effectively deter Russia.


    The defense of our country is a goal of the Polish army that has guided it for many years. Today we also celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Cedynia, in which the Poles won. During the celebration of the anniversary, the Deputy Prime Minister of Poland Mariusz Błaszczak also emphasized the role of the Polish army:

    The strength of the Polish Army that we are consistently building serves as a deterrent, so that the enemies do not dare to attack Poland, said the Deputy Prime Minister of Poland on Twitter.




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