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    A disappearing mural in Warsaw that you can see only when it comes into contact with water

    A disappearing mural at Europejski square in front of the company’s myhive Warsaw Spire can be seen only when it comes into contact with water. The water is provided mainly by the largerst fountain at the square or rain. It is painted with special nano paints and the main theme of the mural is world peace. The authors of the mural are associated with the Galeria Przechodnia outdoor art foundation. The project was developed on the initiative of IMMOFINANZ, the owner of the myhive Warsaw Spire, and CA Immo, the owner of the two lower buildings in the Warsaw Spire complex.

    Nanopaint is a coating that can modify the properties of a surface or substance according to user-defined parameters. According to the Senior PR&Marketing Manager of Immofinanz, Przemysław Wardęga the nano-painted disappearing mural is very unique and special. Apparently, such works of contemporary art can be seen only in Seoul.

    The key elements of the mural include:

    • The Mermaid and the Triton arranged in the form of the yin and yang symbol, which symbolizes a perfect balance, a combination of duality of reality, order and harmony in the entire universe,
    • (ii) The Picasso’s pigeon painted in the Warsaw Wola district during his visit to Poland,
    • (iii) the lyrics of the song “Don’t be afraid of the rain – because I’m the rain myself” by the famous polish Pogodno band,
    • (iv) The words “Let’s heal the world and make it a better place” written on the mural’s outline in Polish, English, German, Spanish and Ukrainian.

    Both Immofinanz and Ca Immo companies take care of the tenants working in the office environment in the Warsaw Spire complex. The developers of this project are involved in many other initiatives that connect art and workplace, and business area. 


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