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    District Prosecutor's Office in Słupsk accused 4 women of child abuse in one of the non-public preschools

    District Prosecutor’s Office in Słupsk accused 4 women of physical and mental child abuse in the “Skrzaty” non-public preschool. According to Spokesman District Prosecutor’s Office Paweł Wnuk, the findings of the investigation show that the crimes took place from February to April 2019 and they were committed against a total of 11 children with disabilities or needing additional care aged 3 and 4 years old.

    The first person who realise that her child was abused was a mother of an autistic boy. The boy returned home with an injured ear. The mother reported the problem to the management of the “Skrzaty” non-public preschool but she did not receive any help. Then, she decided to report the implied child abuse to the Prosecutor’s Office.

    According to, the main evidence in the case are the monitoring recordings and testimonies of the injured preschoolers:

    “The accused hit, kicked, yanked and dragged the children across the floor. They hit them in the face, back and buttocks. They also used a floor sweeper for hitting.”, Spokesman District Prosecutor’s Office Paweł Wnuk reports.

    Also, the mental abuse of children was practised by restricting children’s freedom of movement, intimidating them with aggressive behavior and threatening them with beatings. The disclosure of the crime took place thanks to the vigilance of the parents.

    Jail or prison sentences are very common with child abuse convictions. The penalty for harassment of a physically helpless person in Poland is from 1 up to 8 years of incarceration. The accused women, Maria F., Czesława B. Wioletta K.-G.,  and Emilia W. did not plead guilty to committing the alleged acts.




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