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    A 16-year-old student made a prosthetic arm for a little girl so that she could ride a bicycle

    This week, a 16-year-old student Jakub Polański has made and handed over an extensive 3D-printed arm prosthesis for a 5-year-old girl. Thanks to him, the little girl will be able to live a normal life and even ride a bike!

    The fingertips of the prosthesis’ hand part have silicone with neodymium magnets inside. Thanks to this, the girl will be able to even catch pins. Additionally, the hand part is pulled with the PlastiDip rubber coating for a better grip. Pink and yellow are the favourite colours of the little girl Lilka, thus Jakub Polański decided to use them on the prosthesis project as well.


    The project was assisted by the President of the e-Nable Polska Foundation Dr. Krzysztof Grandys and Ania Kosińska from Ei System who donated the material for the prosthesis and a Banach3D printer. First of all, Jakub Polański was inspired by his teacher Artur Tutka who has already helped initiate many other health and life-saving projects at his school.


    The picture of Jakub and Lilka below:



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